I provide full-service brand consulting services in association with a network of expert business consultants, researchers, organizational behavior experts, designers, and writers. Our job is to help you derive greater value from your organization by strengthening your brand understanding and systems. David Wenger Consulting will enable you to create a powerful and compelling brand experience and get a higher return on your advertising, public relations, and marketing efforts.

Primary Services

  • Brand Fitness Coach
  • Customer and Market Research
  • Positioning Strategy
  • Organization and Product Naming
  • Branding Campaign Materials
  • Mission, Vision, and Values Alignment
  • Brand Assessment Research
  • Tagline and Brand Messaging
  • Graphic Identity Design
  • Brand Culture Reinforcement
  • Communications Strategy
  • Brand Implementation and Refinement

A Proven Collaborative Process

We will work with you and your team through an outcome-focused approach that is tested and proven in both academic studies and practical implementation. This system works, because it is based on collaboration and active learning rather than pre-packaged solutions.

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An Integrated Approach to Brand Expression

My work fills the gap between traditional business consulting firms and advertising or PR agencies. We will work collaboratively through an AI “appreciative inquiry” approach – recognizing that every person, structure, and activity within your organization has the capacity to positively influence brand awareness and reputation. The Branding Zone: A Model for Living Your Brand is a simple explanation of the cohesive interaction between corporate business strategy and operational reality.

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The Branding Zone is where products, services, policies, and procedures come together with individuals delivering consistent on-brand behavior. When there is brand consistency on both sides of this equation, the brand experience will be consistent, authentic, and differentiated, encompassing both the technical and human aspects of brand delivery.

Creating Brand Focus During Times of Transition

My clients are typically organizations that have encountered some type of market inflection, such as a merger, acquisition, entrance into a new market category, or the rise of a disruptive new competitor. David Wenger Consulting helps managers, employees, and other key stakeholders sort through the brand hierarchy, identifying those brand attributes that have enduring value to your customers and long-term power to differentiate your offerings even during market shifts. Together, we will better understand the cultural issues at play within your organization, creating programs and messages to help focus everyone on a common brand purpose. During the initial implementation phase, we use a process called “active learning” – testing, measuring, and refining the process. Our goal is to help you achieve your desired outcome.

Wenger Representative Clients

“What particularly impressed me is that they didn’t tell us what we wanted to hear. Instead, they told us what they felt, both good and bad. It was a refreshing approach that helped us develop the quality message we were looking to create.”

Alan Bookman, Association of Texas Professional Educators

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