Dresser Inc.

Our consultants assisted the executive team at Dresser Inc. in building a new corporate brand culture in the aftermath of a major corporate restructuring, affecting 9,000 employees worldwide. The Dresser Destiny campaign helped build a common work culture across four divisions in seven languages. Deliverables included consolidating the merger business plan into a simplified strategic plan with specific and measurable goals, employee focus groups conducted in Dresser locations around the world, and an internal brand campaign. The work was voted the Best Internal Branding campaign by TPRA in 2002.

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An important element of the project was translating their complex business plan into a simple four-point mission statement with measurable goals and tactics. Each division was provided regular updates on their progress.

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All materials were produced in multiple languages for use across their global locations. The illustrations were designed so that they represented a cross-cultural employee base.

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dresser brand promise

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