If you want to be thought of as excellent, seek to be found among excellent things.

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David Wenger’s brand strategy experience spans three decades and includes work for Dresser, Inc., JSR Micro, Coldwell Banker, Iomega Corp., United Way, Hart Intercivic, and Altra Energy. All of these efforts began with the question, who are we as an organization, and how do we want to be seen by ourselves, our neighbors, and our customers?

During the course of his career, Wenger has been a radio and television writer and producer, a filmmaker, an advertising copywriter, a creative director, a brand strategist, and a communications and public affairs director. He worked for five years at Fellers & Company, where he served as the senior copywriter and creative director, followed by nine years as the creative partner at TateAustin marketing and public affairs. During that time, he won numerous awards for creative strategy and execution, including the prestigious Effie Award for his work on behalf of Iomega Corporation. He founded ID University, Inc., a full-service brand and graphic identity firm in 1999, serving clients in Austin, Boston, San Jose, Dallas, and Houston.

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In 2006, he returned to his alma mater as Director of Brand Marketing and Communications at Texas McCombs, strengthening the brand equity while increasing the accessibility and exposure of the school’s intellectual capital – through powerful and authentic storytelling. His team was responsible for $2.2 million in earned media value in 2017 including major stories in the Harvard Business Review, the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and Fortune.

Wenger reestablished his consulting practice in 2019. You’re on his website, so let’s get started bridging the gap between your business strategy and your brand expression.

Specialties: Helping you better understand and leverage your reputation for greater market power. Brand and market positioning strategy, internal brand culture, integrated marketing, creative development, content marketing, public affairs, media relations, and corporate social responsibility.

Education: MBA, The University of Texas at Austin | BA in Communications, BYU

Strengths Finder Top 5 Attributes: Adaptability – Strategic – Intellection – Maximizer – Responsibility

“You work magic! Your consulting efforts brought us clarity, focus, and a common purpose. For the first time, we fully understand our brand and have a plan to leverage it for market success.”

Bonnie Moss, Former VP Business Development, Tramutola Company