JSR Micro

JSR Micro, Inc. is the US-based subsidiary of JSR Corporation, Japan, which operates a network of manufacturing facilities, sales offices and R&D labs in key markets throughout North America, Asia-Pacific, and Europe. The subsidiary produces custom chemicals for semiconductor, life sciences, and energy material manufacturers.

The brand consulting team worked closely with executives from both the U.S. and Japan offices to craft a brand strategy designed to elevate the company’s customer perception from a “shy child” to a market force in high-performance chemicals. JSR Micro has closely followed the strategy for over sixteen years, exceeding the prediction made at the time by the client:

“Your work will guide the course of our entire corporation for the decade ahead.” Nobu Koshiba, JSR Corporation, Japan

The project included a company name refinement, logo and graphic identity design, brand strategy and tagline, and follow-up advertising support. The brand message specifically targets customers with specialized needs for premium-level, customized chemical solutions.

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jsr micro brand promise